Escape to Malangaan Cave and Springs

Bulacan, popular and known for its different historical sites and great leaders seems to be forgotten by many that beyond the historical sites is also a place for those people who are seeking for adventure an eco-tourism place. Name some of this like Pinagrealan Cave in Norzagaray plus the Lioness and Rhino Rock Formation that was closed ( I dont know if they opened it again for public), the famous Biak na Bato  in San Miguel and the famous Mt. Manalmon that can also be found in San Miguel. But have you heard this place somewhere in San Rafael that have cave and also springs? Yes, you’re right! The Malangaan Cave and Springs!

1 1/2- 2 hours away from my hometown in Marilao, the place can be found in Brgy Tukod. Going there you have to ride a jeepney going to Pulilan (37php),alight at Pulilan market then ride again a jeepney going to Baliuag (15php), then alight at underpass and ask some tricycle driver to bring you at Brgy.Tukod (300php, it depends on your negotiation).

The road going there is bumpy and muddy plus big rocks was scattered in your way. Here, you can really feel that you’re going to a place that your body needs a warm up.After an hour, we just reached the main jumpoff point. As what Kuya Dom said, we have to ride in a truck but unfortunately the river that we will cross is a bit high, so we just have to cross it by walking..Hehehe Before that, we do some getting to know each other portion and briefing for the said adventure.

Starting up, we passed by some houses going to the spring. And after a few walks,we reached the Malangaan spring, just what I expected the water is clear and cold, inviting us to take a dip on it. But we just passed on, because our main goal here is to explore the Malangaan cave.Together with our two guides, Benjo and Jolina (mind you, they are only between 9-12 years old and Jolina is a boy hehehe), we start the spelunking adventure.

Getting to know you part
You have to pass with this streams

Once you reached the springs, this will be your start to reach the cave. But at first, you have to pass on a narrow and steep trail to reach it. Due to rain last night, the trail is too muddy and slippery that causes to be more extra careful when passing by.

The entrance to the springs
The trail to reach the cave which is slippery when it rains and too narrow that you have to walk one by one..
The area after that narrow trail..Boulders of rock and limestone are scattered along the trail..

Once you reached the other side of the trail, you will see the famous two big rocks standing proud side by side forming an arc to welcome you to the majestic area of this wild cave.



The entrance
Twin towers of boulder of rocks
Some photo ops before crossing the river..
The struggle to walk thru slippery rocks..nearly like limestone formations….

Since it is muddy and slippery plus the trail had water due to last night’s rain, we did an extra careful walk to this limestone rocks embedded along the foot of this arc. Some of us went down to the water and took a risk to walk even it is slippery and others tried to cross the path walking at the foot of the boulder rocks with extra care.

We walk along within this area to reach the entrance of the cave and its getting harder and harder to pass by…


Since it rained heavily last night, at the entrance of the cave the water is too high like above the knee, likewise the current of water is to extreme.So to reach the entrance we have to walk one by one with our kuya’s on the side to make sure that we will cross it safely.

The grand entrance to the dark cave, still some of us took a photo saying, “we survive!”

Reaching the cave is too difficult, you have to pass at a cramped road and only one person can pass thru it. Its not joke when I say difficult because it is too dark inside that only a little light can pass through it, well if you have the headlights ( usually these are used by miners and campers as a guide during the night) it is more easy to walk with it. The muddy trail and the narrow space between two sharp ends of the rock adds up to difficult level in getting its way to top! But it seems that we are so dedicated to reach it.

Be extra careful on your especially if you didn’t bring on some helmets!( Cto of this pictures!)
Kuya giving me instructions to where I have to step on it to avoid falling on the steep cliff…
You see! We manage to take some pictures while others are trying to find its way out!
After the dark trail,here comes the light!!!Its getting nearer and nearer ate!!!!GO for GOLD!!!!
I can sense here that you have to climb on this boulders of rocks to reach the end!


Reaching to the top was not easy…(really!) I got wounded up and some scratch from sharp ends of the rock but it was amazing to see this kind of view once you came out of the cave! A few more walks you will see the famous marble like rocky mountain!

You see! We have to climb for this marble like rock formation to have some photo op!
And another one! At the foot of the marble like rock formation..
And another one!
malangaan 1
Group photo op!

So finally, after that knee cracking experience and all sweat adventure, a few walks away from it then you will reach the cold river to take a dip to freshen up! Or if you only want to sit and relax plus eat your packed foods there are lined cottage near the springs..

The springs/river that some of us enjoyed dipping into it…
Cottages near the springs…

All in all my 2nd spelunking experience was a blast and even though I felt exhausted and tired I enjoyed every experience I encountered. I am also lucky that I meet very good people that I joined during the entire spelunking…


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